Please Connect Wallet and switch network to Core DAO


1. Click connect Wallet button on this web and select/change chain network on your wallet to Core DAO.

2. Fill out the TTM purchase form at the bottom and enter the amount of CORE you want to spend.


- You will immediately receive token you purchased, check your wallet after purchasing, make sure you have added TTM contract address to you wallet.

- Every week, the proceeds from TTM sales will be added to Liquidity. Subsequently, BuyBack will be conducted regardless of the amount of CORE acquired from Tokensale.

- While the price rate of TTM on DEX tends to be cheaper compared to the Tokensale, you can acquire more TTM during the Tokensale. Additionally, the development of this project is also contingent upon the 10% development fund obtained from the Tokensale.

- Price rate on Tokensale is Dynamic 100~400 TTM per 1 CORE and TokenSale ends after raised funds 1000 CORE.


70% - for TTM Liquidity.

10% - for Development Funds.

10% - for Buyback TTM on DEX.

10% - If sufficient funds are available, they will be used to list TTM on